Y4L – What did we do over Easter?

I   went to light water valley and my favourite was the ultimate it was so fun we also was the raptor attack and it was scary.  But the eagle claw.

By stampylongnose 

On the holidays I went to park I also went to play football. With may mum, sister, dad.

By stand 6 z

The first day of the holiday. I went to the caravan with my sister Emma and are brother  Jacob we had lots of fun ,we went to McDonald’s and won 5 times my granddad ,me ,Emma, Jacob, and last but not list my mam. Then we all got ready to go to the club house and me and my sister look really nice we got a lot of pictures.

By #cool#cats @ pretty#

The best bit about Easter was when I went to the park, soft play with my brother Sean.

By little c

My Favourite bit of the holidays was when I went to the fayre with my mam and Tegan.

By Cole Smash.

In the holidays I went to the caravan. I went to the arcade.

By K dog

In the 2 weeks holidays, I went to Blackpool pleasure beach with my friend called strawberry and I am called olive. We went on this water thing and they put me were you will get wet so I was soaked. Also we went on the water slide and we state there for a day. The next day I went to my dad’s and we went to the field and park.

By Olive [COOL KID]!

In the Easter holidays I went to Hamsterly Forest with my Gran, Grandad, 2 cousins and Uncle. We had some dinner. We also played football. We did the Super worm trail. I also went to the swimming pool with my Dad. We went down the 2 slides. After that, we had lunch at the café. I also went to McDonalds. We won a 12oz drink.

My family and I went to Beamish Museum. We had a little picnic. We did the Easter egg hunt.

By #Maths Whizz2015#

My favourite bit off holidays was when I went to dynamics and almost did a backflip.my cousin Jay Jay slept.

By little s

The first day of the holidays I went to McDonalds. I won 3 times at McDonalds. I won a cheese burger and a Mcflurry and on my Mcflurry I had a Mcmuffin. After a few weeks I went to light water valley with my cousins. I went on my favourite ride called the claw.

By Soapy 123

On Monday I played on my Xbox. Then I played on my bike it was fun. Then I played Minecraft it was fun.

By Lego boy 1246

In the holidays it was my birthday and I got a motorbike and I went to mister twisters with Miya and my other friends. After we went home and had my birthday cake. And after I went to wet and wet and wild and went down the c. I had the time of my life. After it was Miya’s birthday I went in the garden and went on her bouncy castle.

By Loline

I went on holiday to Primrose valley in a caravan. It took me 2 hours to get there if not more. After, when we got there we put away our stuff then we went to the arcade to play some games. We went back to the caravan from the arcade after probably 1 or 2 hours. After a few days I got packed up to go back home. While we were going home I fell asleep because I was tired of playing on the go karts.

By Robo matron 5000

In the holidays I went to beamish and I went down the mine with my friend T. I also went to her house and slept it was awesome we had a midnight feast. Also I went to the beach.


On my holidays I went to the safari and we took a lot of pictures. We had a load of food to eat in the car, it was so fun. When we got to the lion part the lions were play fighting. Then we got to the monkeys they made a lot of mess on the front window. The people in front started complaining to the manager, then they went back in. we went back in too, but then the monkey had a wee and poo on the back of the car.

By #cool kid 2015

On Monday I got on an aeroplane to go to Spain for the first week of the holiday and came back on Sunday and had Easter in Spain with my two bothers Mam and Dad and Nanna and granddad it was so cool and for the Sunday we went dam building with my two brothers.

By Rabbit lover

In the holidays I went to adventure valley and I found gold. First I played golf with my brother and he beat me by 3 points. In the holidays I did 3 days of Irish dance camp for 5 hours. On the Tuesday my mam went to Amsterdam. On the first day of dance camp my friend Abbie slept over and we made our own dance up.

By irish dancer 123.

In the holyday’s I had a lot of fun. On Sunday I went to Yorkshire to Bremen rocks. The first Thursday I went to South Shields fun fray with my granddad and mam and Daisy my sister. It was really fun. 


In the holidays my best friend Emily slept at my house and we made mince and dumplings also we went to see my horses. On Sunday I went to my first horse show and I got 1st 4th 5th and 5th my horse is the best.

By Kite

In the holidays I went to wet and wild and I went down the Kamikaze head first and after that I slept at my friend Erin’s it was so fun we pulled an all-nighter and had a midnight feast.

By ella 

In the Easter holidays I black pool pleaser beach with my family and by best friend olive. When we went on the roller-coaster only Olive got wet. When we went home.  We got a McDonalds we played in the park then olive slept at my house for the weekend.

By strawberry

The best thing about my holiday was when I went to see Wicked it was so cool. I also went to beamish w h my friend G it was mint. I was so pleased to go it to Paris but it got cancelled. Me and G went to my sleep over there was only a couple of people there. This was the best holiday ever.

By TG8

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