Y4J – What did we do over Easter?

In the Easter holydays I went to Mr Twisters!!!!!!!!!!!! I  went to the Beach and I built a sand castle.

By      emz

In the Easter holidays I went to the Edinburgh Dungeons. There as a boat ride, the green lady (epic 5*), Torture table and the best bit a… MIROR MAZE and to finish it off a gift shop.

By Computer Geek /DJZ

On Friday I went to beamish to explore the olden days then after that I went to the fun fair. Then on Saturday I went to light water valley to go on the rides. First I went on the eagle claw which swings round and round.

By Brown Hair

On Easter Friday I went bowling and amazingly nearly beat my brother. It was very surprising as he is quite good at bowling. Unfortunately   we had to wait for ages until we finally got on our lane. Most of my family enjoyed it… apart from my typical brother who says he never enjoys anything but really he does enjoy it. Later that day I couldn’t help spying on my brother every five minutes.

On Saturday it was the usual dancing club with the bossiest teacher. My friend Thalia and my friend Grace also go to the same dace club.  First it was lyrical dance. Myself and Thalia where in a mischievous mood.

On Sunday it wasn’t very easy to find all my Easter eggs as they were hidden very well. After a while I managed to find the rest of the chocolate eggs. For lunch I went to the Wagon (a restaurant). The food there was pretty good.

By  Blue Ninja  Penguin Girl

I left school for the Easter holidays and I visited Scotland and had a sleep in the van with my family. At first I went to this place called Duck Bay and I slept there for one night and the next day my mam carried on .Then we ended up to be at a pub.  I went to the train station called, The Green Welly Stop, and it was the best shower in my life.

By cutie pie

In the Easter holidays it was my birthday so I am nine now. On Sunday we went to a farm called mini moos advancer farm. The best bit was the go kart, high rope net and the bouncy castle.

By Jelly Belly.

After Good Friday and the Easter weekend (I got a lot of chocolate Easter eggs and some small gifts) I went to my nanas house and I slept overnight. The next day my mam came to pick me and my little sister up and we travelled to Rochdale because my friend named Zach lives there. While I was there I went to Heaton Park. The next day we played in the garden and went out for dinner. After that fun weekend I had to go home. When I got back I did a lot of fun things like: go to Beamish, go to my step Grandma’s for tea, I went to my nanas for tea, watch my brother and his team play football and they won! I done football training with my dad and big brother Maxx. I had a great Easter holiday and ate a lot of chocolate! I hope other people had a lovely Easter holiday too!

By Blogging Diva123



On my Easter holiday I ate a lot of chocolate and had lots of fun on my trampoline playing out. Unfortunately I didn’t do anything like Easter egg hunts or stuff like that. But I did keep playing on my computer most of the time.  Near to the end of the holiday I stayed at a different place for the night I enjoyed it. We ate lots of cookies. YUM!!!! But as you might of guessed when I went back home I play on the computer for the rest of the day. My favourite bit about the holiday is just well having the time off away from sadness being happy and just having fun.

By Tip

After good Friday  I got ready for comp then when that  was all over I  went to lots of different in that week and I got lots of Easter eggs for on Easter day I paid of jeuse  and we went out of the day it was very fun. Sometimes I plays out with my friends. I ate lots of chocolate.

By diva girl 124

On Saturday I went to a football match with TB, CC, AT and it was at the Russell Foster football centre and we won 3-1.Then on Monday we played another football match but we lost 2-1.Then on Tuesday we went to football training.

By football master

In the holiday I went to flamingo land when I was there I saw a ride and a ride that went really fast.  And when I got back I had to play a match for Gateshead and we won 6-0.

By Beam

At school I finished on Thursday for the Easter holidays. During the Easter holiday I went to my sister’s birthday party and she was 8 years old. Her birthday party was at Brewers Feyer/Wessington. She had invited some of her friends from school it was fun. I also played in the street with my friends and sister. Me my mam and my sister went to get my new car and it was amazing but we had to swap my old car which was a ford focus. I also ate lots of Easter eggs and I also went to see my school that I might be going to which looks really fun but really small. I also loved reading my school book and my own books that I have bought from the school library. Its called the faraway tree. I was actually looking forward to going back to school which was a surprise to my mam. I also took my dog on a walk with my uncle and we went to see his friend and her dog. Then the next day we met her again but we saw my uncle’s friend’s sister which was fun because she brought her kind of niece. When we went on a walk I got to push the pram up the hill because my uncle is friend and her sister couldn’t push her up the hill or ramp which was quite funny. At the end I was able to push her up the hill or ramp.

By Crazy Girls.  

In the Easter holidays on Thursday I went swimming and ate lots of chocolate after. On Friday I went to a fun fair. The best bit of my Easter holiday was when I went to the fun fair it made me feel very excited. The least favourite part was the days that I went nowhere and just played on computer games it was boring. Then on Saturday I went to Beamish. I have the best friends ever such as AL, JB, JM, NL, EM and more! My favourite Easter egg was the Rollo egg because it contained Rollos.

By: Sylver  A.K.A Silver

The favourite bit of my Easter holiday was when I walked for miles to Penshaw monument from Sulgrave and I went to the park at Sulgrave. I was tired.


In the Easter holidays I went to the beach and I saw AG I had the most delicious ice cream ever the flavour was candyfloss. The next day I went to the cinemas with my cousin MD to see Cinderella the movie. My best friends were outside so I went to play with them they are AL, KC, JM, EM, CC and JW. The best thing was it was really sunny so I went out for a walk but not far we / me and my friend saw a blackberry bush so we went to her house and got a bucket and got some blackberry’s it was the best holidays ever.

By human calculator

Hanged out with jack and went to the school and had fun went to LA and California and universal land with jack. Went on the JAWES ride almost died Also Jurassic park ride also almost died Swimming I was part of the star wars parade and fell over and star wars training Hit jack in the face with light saver had lots of fun.

By the gaming leman

On Easter morning I woke up and we started A Easter egg hunt. To help me find the eggs there was post it notes stuck on each Easter egg. My favourite Easter egg was a crème egg Easter egg. Because it had two crème eggs and one huge egg that was made out of milk chocolate. I got a lot of Easter eggs they were delicious. I ate 1 Easter egg per 2 days.

By penguin princess

In the Easter holydays I went to a caravan the very first week. While I was there I took a lot of photos and also I went to the beach and there also were a lot of golf courses I played almost all of them. We also went crab hunting It was awesome we caught 2 crabs .I met a lot of kids and I made friends with them for the week .finally when the week had ended we came back home I went outside a lot at home I had a lot of fun playing with my friends . Most of the time when I came back home from outside I only ate sweets played on my PlayStation and played on my iPad. Also last thing it was my birthday in the eater holyday.

By Polish YouTube star

In the holidays, first I went to adventure valley with my mum. I had a picnic there it is was very yummy. The day after I had to clean my 23 rabbits out 6 are baby ones. I stayed at home for the rest. It   was fun but I missed my friends.

By long hair  

I ate two chocolate Easter eggs for breakfast and went outside on my detailed mountain bike with a word as like someone hurting another person…wham. The next day I went to a fancy cricket club and hunted for some eggs.

By sf26

I went swimming with my family on Friday. I went and picked a car with my dad he told me to remember when it came but I forgot. I went to the cinemas to see Home it was the best. The next day we went to Mister Twisters.

By ginger lady   

The Easter holiday was so much fun. I play for a football team! We won all four games! I scored a header from the edge of the box. It went over the keepers arm hit post and rolled in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah… I kind of ate lots of chocolate, sweets and lollies!

By Happy Boy

Over the Easter holidays I played football. I ate lots of ester eggs. I went to the park with my friend. I had lots of fun.

By Bart

I went to haven with my friends from toddlers and I had lots of fun I went swimming and went on the go-karts that are usually there.

By Minecraftexpert12345

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