Year 4 embrace Outdoor Learning Week!

Year 4 have been taking part in outdoor learning week. Here are some of our favourite bits!

“Outdoor learning week was the best week  ever.”

By Emily Fletcher – Y4L

“When you are outside it feels like you’re free from all of the boring work. The body needs to go outside to get fresh air from being indoors, it’s better for the body to be outside other than being inside. The outdoor learning is good for children who have behaving problems.”

By Liam and Jasmine – Y4J     

“We liked going outside because we can get fresh air and get a lot healthy exorcize . We can investigate in our lessons outside because there are a lot of interesting things outside.”

By Grace L Wiktor D – Y4J


“I loved learning outdoors because it is good you get to go in the Markey. Outside learning is fun because you get to explore. Monday was really fun because we measured leaves.”

By Annabelle and Jessica B – Y4J

“My favourite part of outdoor learning was when we found the leafs (leaves) and draw around them in maths.”

By Zoe Scott-Williams – Y4L        

“Our favourite part was maths. In   maths   we   did   some   measuring.”

By Jack Ellis and Emily – Y4J

“Because that’s what we are learning about first we collected dry leaves and then we had to bring them into school. After when we got in the classroom we put the leaves on a piece of paper and drew around them. After we drew around them we went outdoors. After that we measured it with a piece of string. It was very fun!”   

By Roan and Alisha – Y4L

“On Monday in maths I went outside and I collected some leafs then I came back in and in my maths book I drew around the leafs and then measured the length and width of the leaf.“

By Dillon – Y4J

“On Monday first lesson we were collecting leaves from outside to measure them. Unluckily there were a lot of creepy bugs on them! It was quite hard to draw around them because they were so delicate.”

By Annabel Logan and Charlie Wrightson – Y4J

“In maths we were collecting leaves and estimating how long and how wide they were. After that we measured them propyl (properly) to see if they were correct. It was so fun.“

By Grace L Wiktor D – Y4L

“I loved maths because we got to pick leaves and measure them by cm. On Tuesday we measured the perimeter of leaves we found.” 

By Emily and Kieran – Y4J

“On Monday in maths we went outside to collect some leaves to trace and measure them. It was fun.”

Natasha Lamb and JJ Walters – Y4J

“On Monday we were looking at leafs. On them was bugs. We were meshring (measuring) the leafs (leaves).  This was our favourite part of outside learning.”                              

By oliver david tindle and kayla – Y4J

“On Monday in math I went outside and I collected some leafs then came back and we took the leafs (leaves)in with us to. When we sat down in our math seats we drew around the leaf on a piece of paper” 

Eleanor – Y4J

“COIIectig  leaves   has    been   the  best bit   of    outdoor     lerning   week”

Leon – Y4L


“In literacy we got our clipboards and went in the Markey and written (wrote) some things down.”

By Zoe Scott-Williams – Y4L        

“On second lesson (English) we all listed why we didn’t want the school field to be turned into a concrete jungle! We were really cold and wet afterwards because it was raining. It was quite fun though sheltering each other and huddling together like penguins. Do you enjoy the rain? When we got back inside everyone was shivering but was still having fun. Our favirout part of outdoor learning was going out in the rain.”

By Annabel Logan and Charlie Wrightson – Y4J

“My favourite part of out door learning week was literacy because I got to go in the big tent.”

By Cameron – Y4J

“This week so far has been outdoor week. Out- door week is a week wear we do everything out side. My favourite part of outdoor learning was when we went outside in the rain in literacy. It was fun because we could write in the rain“

By Teagan – Y4J

“In literacy we went outside on the field and looked for things we didn’t want to go because the teachers of year four made a letter to mr wight to tell him not to sell the field.”

By Dillon – Y4J

“In literacy we went outside and listed things that would be gone if the school field got sold.”

By Grace L Wiktor D – Y4L

“In literacy we are (were) trying to persuade our head teacher to not sell the school field.”

By Emily and Kieran – Y4J


“My best moment was when we went on the field on Tuesday 7 October 2014. We worked in the tent and I forgot my wellies. The Romans in Topic was fun.”

By Cole – Y4L

“My favorite part of outdoor learning was the Roman march because we where protecting each other.”

By Amelia and Jack – Y4J

“My  favourite  part  of outdoor  learning     was  probley  when  we  were  doing  romans. We  had  white  boards    as  shields  and  bouncy  balls  as  bombs  and  rockets  as  well.

We  all  got  into   a  group  called   a  tortoise   like   they  did  in  the  real  army.  Next we all marched  round   the   field. We  all  started  to  say   left  right  left  right. Mr  Laing  was  the  genral  of  us. After  that  we  were  all  in  different  legens  like  the  red  legen,  blue  legens,  black  legens,  purple   legens and  green  legends”

By  Emily  Fletcher – Y4L

“In topic we marched around the field pretending to be roman soldiers and formed a turtle shape with our pretend shields made out of card and paper.”

 By Emily and Kieran – Y4J


 “On Monday we picked up leaves to see how many centre meters they were. (English) We disused about the field because it is going to go.

BY jack elwin – Y4J

“I am Erica I my favourite[K1]  bit of outdoor luring week was lechery (literacy) because I got soaked. I am Kai and my favourite part of outdoor lunging (learning) week was maths because we cleated (collected) leaves.”

Kai and Erica – Y4J

“This week was outdoor learning week. When it is outdoor learning week most of our work is done outside.  My favourite parts was when we searched for leaves in Maths and when we made a Roman soldier tortoise in Topic. Next Mr Laing threw arrows, spears, balls and bombs (fake) at us.”

By Rebecca Lloyd – Y4L


“On Monday for maths we had to draw around leaves and estimate the length then the area. In literacy we had to wright a letter about not letting the council build houses on our field.


In maths we measured sticks and bricks. Literacy we writed (wrote) a letter to Mr Wright saying thank you for outdoor learning week.


On Wednesday we did length on any shapes and in literacy I did a plan not to get rid of the field.”

By katie G and Aaron W – Y4J

“We had some great days. it was outdoor leaning week where we did some days outside! It was good but we didn’t go outside for every lesson. We did the Roman tortoise. We also picked up leaves and estimated them. Then we measured there length and width. Our field might  be sold for houses as well!”

By Thomas Buckley – Y4J

“This week was outdoor learning week. The best bits were using chalk on the ground. The other was measuring leaves when it raining and I found 20 conkers. The next was when we drew round leaves. We went in the tent and we went and walked around then I found 1 more conker. It was wet but fun. The trees were dark and misty .I liked it.”

By Alana Mitchell and Jack Wilson – Y4L


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