Washington’s New Town Turned 50 One Week Ago Today!

Last Friday was Washington New Town’s Birthday and Usworth Colliery celebrated it in style.

Mr Wright was kind enough to spend the school’s hard earned money on a picnic for everyone. Every year group trotted out onto the field to enjoy a fine feast of biscuits, crisps and Capri-Sun’s in Washington’s glorious sun shine.

The town was 50 years old so in honour of this we joined together to create a giant 50 on our school field.

After we’d had our fill and celebrated Washington’s milestone, we burned off those extra calories by playing some traditional playground games.

These included:

  • Farmer, Farmer May We Cross Your Golden River?
  • In and Out the Dusty Bluebells
  • What’s the Time Mr Wolf?
  • Grandmother’s Footsteps
  • Fishes in the Sea
  • Duck, Duck, Goose
  • Captain’s Coming
  • Keeper of the Treasure
  • Queelio Cockio
  • Mother May I?

We really enjoyed escaping our PlayStations and Xboxes as you can see from our smiling faces below.


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